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We have wonderfully creative ways of helping families stay in their home.

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Christian Consultants of Texas is not a foreclosure consulting firm and is not acting as a consulting firm. We are real estate investors.

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“I had lived in my home for six years when my husband passed away. For the sake of my teenage son, I tried to keep up with the mortgage payments on a single income.  After five years I just couldn’t do it anymore. The stress of the forever-looming foreclosure was more than I wanted to deal with any longer. So, I decided I would sell the house. I received many offers from different investors, but one stood out – that was Christian Consultants of Texas. Not only did they give me a fair offer, but they also let me stay in my home an additional 30 days after we closed. That gave me time to find another place to live and start getting ready for the move, which they also provided to me at no cost. The entire process went quickly and smoothly from start to finish.

In fact, we got along so well that he offered me a job!  These days I work for him, Kevin Pawlowski, full time, providing the same assistance to others as was given to me.”

– Kathy West

I am deeply and sincerely blown away at this incredible opportunity you have extended to your CCTX family to help repair their own credit issues. Thank you so much for this extremely generous and gracious offer. Never did I expect such overwhelmingly great results from your credit guy. This outcome will significantly change and improve our life and our future! I have been working so hard on my credit over the past couple of years, and I made great progress on my own, but THIS ​will make all the difference - this will take my credit score to the next level! I am thrilled and amazed!


Thank you for extending such life-changing opportunities to your team, and thank you so much for including me as team member! When Lou and then Susan encouraged me to take advantage of your fantastic offer, I was at first reluctant, because I didn't want to impose, and I didn't know for sure if you really meant it! But I finally did it, and WOW! What an impact! ​


I am very proud of all the hours I have invested in your beautiful company, helping Lou in the field and office, and I believe in

​you and ​everything you stand for.


This means so much to me and I am truly proud to be on your team! ​


​Thank you!


Cheri Lane

“What began as a nightmare with the death of my husband in 2009 has turned into a blessing.  I have been trying to modify my home loan since 2009, and was under the impression I was still being reviewed since I had recently sent in new documentation.  So it came as a big surprise when I started getting letters, and people started arriving at my doorstep asking to purchase my home. I ignored all correspondence and sent people away. This day was different, a Christian Consultants of Texas representative came to my door and I was just about to send him away when something told me to talk with him.  After a walk through and brief discussion, we agreed that he would show his manager the pictures and discuss the issues the house had. I knew I was on the verge of a breakthrough that the Lord was going to help me out, what I didn’t know yet was that help was going to come by way of Christian Consultants of Texas and Kevin Pawlowski.”

 “I was contacted by Kevin Pawlowski and my miracle began – what I thought would be a painful process has actually become a relief. Day by day, we get closer to closing. Mr. Pawlowski has been with me every step of the way: he not only assisted with the housing process, he has helped me out personally. You’re not just an investment with this company, you’re a real person going through a painful experience and every concern small or large is taken into account. I think Mr. Pawlowski knows my whole life story now, but not once during that long conversation when I was going on and on did he ever seem disinterested or rush me. I am now on the road to a brighter future, no more living in limbo. I will finally be able to say I am HOME. I am definitely excited about the move coming up. I would like to first give all the Praise and Glory to God, and second, thank Christian Consultants of Texas and Mr. Pawlowski for answering God’s call to come to my aid in my time of need.”

A freed Homeowner- Virginia Barber

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Kevin Pawlowski and Christian Consultants of Texas on the excellent job they have done in handling the sale of my home, moving me and helping me relocate to another home. After losing a lucrative job, which could not be replaced, I was faced with trying to save the house or lose it due to foreclosure. Like many people, I held on too long and received a foreclosure notice. I would have lost the home to foreclosure, if not for Kevin Pawlowski and Joe Neri. I had very few options, and when I received the knock on the door from Joe, and heard about the options available to me, I sold my house to Kevin and much to my surprise, I was offered $10,000.00 and moving expenses and relocation services. I actually found a house for me to buy.  I was thinking a rental house, but with the money I was given, I was actually able to buy a house. I will be moving to the house within the week. By selling the house to Kevin, I avoided foreclosure, kept that off my credit report and avoided financial ramifications for many years.  Now I can rebuild my life and move forward. Thank you Christian Consultants of Texas.”

– Gerald P

“My name is Selena and I would just personally be honored to tell anyone who is facing foreclosure about Christian Consultants of Texas LLC. I fought my lender for years, trying everything I could to keep my house, nothing worked. Once I was posted for foreclosure I received so much junk mail and scams I did not have any idea where to turn. A couple guys from Christian Consultants came by and left a letter and it just looked too good to be true, but guess what, they did everything they said and a whole lot more. Mr. Pawlowski has helped me and my family so much I could not even write down everything here what has been done for us since we met. We are like family now; I received twice what anyone else was going to give us not to mention he has moved us to an awesome place.

If you are facing foreclosure or just want to sell I suggest you call Mr. Pawlowski and see what they can do for you, good luck you won’t be sorry.”

– Yours truly Selena P

“To anyone going into FORECLOSURE:
My name is Thelma H, I lived at my address for the past 20 years. I take care of the elderly in their home because they cannot afford assisted living in a facility. My income has gone down because of my health and I started to get behind on my mortgage payments. For 2 years I tried and tried to get a loan modification only to be told I do not qualify. First I made too much than not enough, the excuses went on and on till I was so far behind it was impossible to catch up. I had no place to turn; I did not have the money to move or the credit to qualify for a new place to live. I just wanted to end my life but thought I would see if my church had any suggestions. They referred me to Christian Consultants of Texas LLC. They said call Kevin Pawlowski and see what they can do for you so I did. Mr. Pawlowski came out and within a few days he had the sale postponed. Than he had one of the people who works for him start driving me around looking for a new place to live. Once we found a place he called the landlord and got the deposit waived. He then found me 4 new clients from another church to help me get some work. He had his movers come in and they were extremely professional and moved all my stuff and set up my bed etc.… in my new place, they even hung my pictures for me. After being settled Mr. Pawlowski enrolled me into credit repair and I plan on buying another home from Mr. Pawlowski in the next year.

If you are facing similar issues I suggest you call Mr. Pawlowski, I called a few of these other people who sent me stuff but Mr. Pawlowski paid me twice what they was offering and did all the rest. He saved my Life and can help you also, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my experience.”

– Thank You
Thelma H

After being on hard times, my husband and I were about to lose our house due to foreclosure. The auction was to take place on October 4, 2016. Out of the blue, I received a text from someone telling me they were interested in buying our house.  We were told that they could potentially stop our house from going into foreclosure and off of our credit report and also pay us cash for letting them purchase the house. We were hesitant at first because of scammers that are lurking around, but decided to meet them at the property. We met them on September 26 which was less than seven days before the auction. Lo and behold, they stopped the foreclosure and deposited the cash into our bank account. So if you receive a text from someone trying to buy your house, think about doing it. It worked. We are forever grateful for their services.Thanks to Amberly and her team.

Thank you.
Brenda P

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